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“Paediatric neurosurgery approaches: orbitotomy and laminotomy using PIEZOSURGERY” - Prof. Federico Di Rocco, Dr Eduardo Jucá | Webinar

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PIEZOSURGERY® has specific clinical advantages for each surgical excellence, supported by case studies of surgical application.

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Mectron’s surgical inserts present excellence in variety and excellence in quality.

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Paediatric neurosurgery approaches: orbitotomy and laminotomy using PIEZOSURGERY®

Indications, tips and tricks with the experts: Eduardo Jucá (Médico Neurocirurgião Pediátrico e Professor Universitário Instituto Hippocampus Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil) and Federico Di Rocco (Neurochirurgien pédiatre Professeur à l’Université de Lyon Centre de Référence Craniosténoses Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant Lyon, France). Watch the complete webinar!

PIEZOSURGERY® technology in Paediatric neurosurgery allows:

→Reduced blood loss (blood-free surgical site)

→Less need to distract dura and orbital contents

→Easy and precise shaping of bone flaps

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During surgery, an ultrasonic insert oscillates up to 36.000 times per second.
 Osteotomy, Osteoplasty, Drilling, Finishing – PIEZOSURGERY® medical inserts cover a vast variety of surgical needs.

Surgical inserts of different shapes and dimensions, short and long, curved and angled, are designed to perform osteotomies with the utmost safety even in difficult to reach surgical sites.

→ Saw thickness from 0.35 to 0.6 mm

→ Osteotomy depth up 20 mm

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